Quality Policy

Scope of Management System: Mould design and manufacturing

IMTEC, Lda. has as fundamental principle the continuous satisfaction of needs identified in their Customers.

IMTEC, Lda. wants to keep its profitability ratios demonstrated, in order to satisfy the managers and all employees of the company, without neglecting the continuous improvement of the company’s performance, the good environment practices and WSH.

IMTEC, Lda. promotes internal employees’ satisfaction through the improvement of working conditions, motivation and prevention of damage to health in order to ensure their commitment and involvement of the same with the Integrated Quality management system.

IMTEC, Lda. promotes the Quality of the supplied product, considering their suppliers as partners in achieving it.

IMTEC, Lda. undertakes to comply with the requirements of the Integrated Quality management system, to accomplish with applicable legal requirements and other compliance obligations, as well as to promote continuous improvement of its effectiveness including the improvement of its environmental performance and safety.

The contribution of all the affected members to the organization is essential for the correct and effective development of the objectives and goals within the Integrated Quality management system.