Founded in 1990, Imtec as a leading manufacturer of technical tools, quickly spread to other demanding markets and technologies becoming one of the top companies within mold making industry.
It’s labor force is divided in two plants, one for tools up to 3T and the second one for tools up to 25T. In 2017, Imtec established a partnership with IT-MILL which increased even more its capacity with regard to rough milling, deep drillings and mouldbases.

Currently, IMTEC provides solutions to its customers in order to ensure the most efficient and durable tool.


  • 1990 – Start of activity
  • 2007 – New facility
  • 2010 – Quality Management Systems Certification according to ISO 9001
  • 2013 – Second facility for tools up to 3T
  • 2017 – Partnership with IT-MILL (rough milling, deep drillings and mouldbases)
  • 2018 – Starting of Environmental Management Certification according to ISO 14001:2015


Please check our video and discover more about Imtec!
IMTEC 1 Specialised in injection tools from 3T to 25T.
IMTEC 2 Specialised in injection tools till 3T.
IT-MILL Partnership created in 2017. Specialized in rough milling, deep drilling and mouldbases.